Selling the River

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

As the river tries its best to hold on to the last little vestage of historical identity - we start on our journey and throughout it, listen to a man from the developers company discussing how the riverside will be transformed into some kind of architectural nightmare.

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This person is not speaking about buildings or areas of development, he's talking miles. I don't know how fast the boat is going but the speakers voice is keeping pace, as each section of the riverbank on both sides is allocated its part in the abstract dream that will be the new city he is describing.

One of the most popular events of 2004 has quadrupled in size for 2005. Each tour will have its own topic, early booking recommended. All River Boat Tours depart from the Moat House Hotel, Glasgow. all quotes from The Lighthouse}

{Tomorrow's River
We know the river and its banks are changing, with ambitious regeneration plans already underway, but now you can find out exactly what to expect over the next five years. Join this tour with the men who know! Brian Clarke, Joint Managing Director of Park Lane Developments and Alastair MacLeod of Clyde Fast Ferries will put you in the picture about future plans for the banks and the river itself.}

{Claystation: remodeling the Clyde
The Design Transformation Group create devices to allow people to design their own cities. Wannabe planners, architects and the public will be able to indulge their architectural fantasies - in plasticine! Colour-coded plasticine lets you see exactly the kind of ambitions each sector has for the city.

{Urban Summit
This year's conference will explore New Urbanism and the Future of Place Making. New Urbanism is the revival of our lost art of place making and is essentially a re-ordering of the built environment into the form of complete cities, towns, villages and neighbourhoods - the way communities have been built for centuries around the world.}

Big cranes

{Look! There It Isn't
This guided tour takes to the river for 2005, with a 'Look, There It Isn't' theme on the Clyde. Members of the Hidden Glasgow organisation will guide you to look beyond the new buildings to see what used to be in their place on the banks. Absent icons or just nostalgia? Judge for yourself.

{Work on Water
Decamp from the office and join Glasgow 2020 to explore the future of work and creativity. Old river industry will connect with the new economy world of Glasgow at this event, where you are invited to 'work on water', when the Pride of the Clyde becomes an open office for the day.

Whether you choose to swap your office for the river or just hold a business meeting between stops - coffee, somewhere to plug in your lap-top and space to work will be provided. At the close of office, an evening seminar will delve further into the changing nature of work and organisations, with Pat Kane (Play Ethic), Rob Mitchel (Chateau Gateau) and Gary Ennis (Urban Learning Centres) Lighthouse.}

Industrial Tourism

Storage silo

Scrap barge

Scrap depo

Aggregate depo

Three tower cranes


Strange building

Gray boat

Boat hanger


Boat yard

Boat yard ramp

Old dock

Boat launch

Riverside trees

Three towers

Scrap site

Boats on the horizon

Wee trees

A developers dream...

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